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When catering is also provided at events

Unlike strict, professional conferences and functions, these are less formal events, but of course rules of protocol still apply. Seating plans, dress codes and all the necessary details that need to be considered are important for a successful event, and so is the selected venue.

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Receptions are usually given to celebrate an occasion or to honour a distinguished guest. The catering provided is usually a buffet-style standing reception. Receptions typically do not last longer than 1-2 hours.

Keeping abreast of the times is important here as well, since chafing dishes, although still used widely, are going out of fashion. The New York Palace, for example, has taken this type of catering to a whole new level. Chef András Wolf and his team has opted for brand new equipment: instead of the traditional method of keeping the food warm, they prepare the dishes at the event itself, at live cooking stations. Their aim is to always provide the guests of the events with fresh and high quality dishes. The induction cooking stations have kitchen hoods and refrigerators, and chefs serve dishes - risottos, meat dishes or dishes from the pan - in small portions on the three-level granite worktop. As small portions are served and the food is prepared on site, guests always receive high quality and fresh dishes. Thematic islands can also be created to present several countries, cuisines and culinary cultures at the same time.



The purpose of a banquet is similar to that of a reception, but guests are seated here for a feast, a celebratory lunch or ceremonial dinner. The menu should be devised with great care, several options should be offered to those with food allergies or on a vegetarian diet, and the needs of foreign guests from different culinary cultures should taken into consideration.  The menu should include high quality dishes that are delicious and decorative even when prepared in large quantities.



Balls are held in the so-called ball season, these are organised, private and festive dance events with catering, and possibly with some entertainment or a live concert.

Classic ball: typically starts at 8 pm in a special building with a rich history. Written invitations shall be sent in time, at least a month in advance.

Mixed type ball: usually starts at 7 pm, and is not necessarily held in an ornate building with rich history.



A gala is a lavish event, performance or formal function. The term comes from the Spanish word “gala”, which became widespread in Europe through German. It means “full dress, formal attire”, the kind you are supposed to wear at such events.


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New York Café - Wiener Schnitzel

Wiener schnitzel, this extremely simple yet delicious dish is on the menu of almost every restaurant. It is easy to prepare at home, but if you want to have the real Wiener schnitzel, keep to the original recipe – you can only use veal, since if you use any other meat, is it not Wiener schnitzel anymore, but breaded cutlet.

Beef goulash New York Café

Beef goulash is the subject of many legends, but one thing is for sure: it is a real Hungarian specialty, a Hungaricum. The biggest misconception though, is about its origin. However, it has undoubtedly been popular for centuries, and it is as typically Hungarian as the famous dog breed, the Puli.

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Nowadays there are countless professional gatherings, but these can be very diverse. Even with two events of the same kind, their features always vary. If we only take the number of participants and the type of event into consideration, there are different conditions and different needs to meet.

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