Press conference venue Budapest - Why New York Palace is the best choice?

What is the best venue for press conferences in Budapest? At New York Palace, Boscolo Budapest Hotel and the New York Coffee House welcome guests at 21 venues with a magical environment. 

Press conference venue Budapest - Why New York Palace is the best choice?

Press conference venue Budapest – Professional press conferences at an elegant venue 

Good relationships with the press have become an integral part of any company’s communications strategy. In the fast-paced world of business, if you want to get the upper hand, you must have a continuous and high quality communications strategy towards the market. A professionally organised press conference at an elegant venue is one of the best ways to communicate your message to the target group in a credible and cost-efficient way while gaining publicity and confidence. But the first step is to ensure that as many of the invited members of the press take part at the press conference and come to the venue as possible. Easy access, high quality service and the attraction of the place are significantly factors that contribute to the success of the event.


Press conference venue Budapest – 21 venues, magical environment  

At the prestigious New York Palace, Boscolo Budapest Hotel and New York Coffee House offer professional opportunities for your next press conference at 21 different venues depending on the number of participants and the program.

A press conference organised at an elegant event venue in the city center is an indispensable part of corporate communication for the launch of a new market product, a book release, a major change in the life of a company, a jubilee or a new marketing campaign.


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Press conference venue Budapest – Our specialist event planners are at your disposal 

The specialist event planners of New York Coffee House and Boscolo Budapest are happy to help you choose the event format appropriate for your needs, be that a press breakfast, a coffee house conversation with the press in the morning or in the afternoon or an international press conference with hundreds of participant in the plenary room.

The parking garage of the New York Palace is located in the heart of Budapest providing easy access and close to 300 parking places where you can park your car safely and comfortably. In addition, the experienced technical staff of the Palace provide high quality sound and projection services and interpreting equipment for your press conference, as well as any installations or special visual solutions according to your individual needs.


Press conference venue Budapest – Presenting new products in the conference room

Thanks to the varied interior of the elegant event venues, Boscolo Budapest Hotel also provides you the opportunity to exhibit and present your new products in a spectacular way during your press conference.

The conference center of New York Palace was designed in a way that it can accommodate the presentation of a car or other objects of similar size in the conference room on the first floor or its hallway. With the help of the elevator with a 4-ton carrying capacity, all this can be executed in a simple and cost-efficient way.

New York Palace is an ideal venue for the presentation of cars, for book releases, corporate political events and relevant press conferences and cultural events.


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