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New York Palace - The ideal place for any event


Elegant surroundings, first-class service, impeccable organisation


True elegance never goes out of fashion. There are plenty of hurdles to overcome when organising an event but our impeccable event management team will ensure that yours runs smoothly. First-class service is important in order to make guests feel special and to give them an experience they will never forget. The New York Palace offers all three of these things – elegant surroundings, impeccable organisation and first-class service - and is the perfect choice for events with family and friends, business events, weddings and conferences. 

New York Palace the ideal place for any event


Impress your guests


When organising any event, the choice of venue is the most important decision that you will make. You want to be able to impress your family, friends, business partners and guests. After all, that is why you’re organising an event in the first place. There is no better place to hold your event than the majestic, luxurious surroundings of the New York Palace, where you will not only dazzle your guests but also give the event the respect it deserves. 





The New York Palace – the comprehensive solution


The New York Palace offers a total of 21 different venues for events.

The complex contains the New York Café, winner of the award for the Most Beautiful Café in the World, whose frescos, gold-plated features, marble pillars and intimate atmosphere inspired hundreds of poets and writers and which was restored to its original splendour 10 years ago. The Café has three private rooms which offer all of the Café’s luxury but allow guests to host their own, private events. These are the Deepwater room, the Red lounge and the White lounge. The Red and White lounges open onto each other and, upon request, can therefore be used as one big room.

The New York Café opens directly onto the Salon Restaurant, which is one of the most outstanding fine dining restaurants in Hungary. With its timeless elegance and exquisite cuisine, it is the jewel in the crown of the Budapest dining scene and is perfect for small gatherings.



New York Palace - elegant surroundings,



Boscolo Hotel in the New York Palace – the perfect choice for weddings and conferences


The other half of the New York Palace is home to the Boscolo Hotel, which contains private rooms as well as the Roma conference suite which is perfect for presentations, concerts and exhibitions with large numbers of guests.

One of the most spectacular parts of the Boscolo Hotel is the lobby, whose stunning interior creates a magical atmosphere. The spacious atrium allows in plenty of natural light, which makes it ideal for wedding photographs or buffet receptions. 



First-class organisation – nothing is impossible


The expert event organisers at the New York Café and Boscolo Budapest have many decades of experience and are fully up-to-date with the latest trends. What’s more, thanks to their connections within the industry, they are able to meet the most ambitious of requests. Our technicians also offer an array of services. They provide sound and will help screen videos and project images. Interpreting equipment is also available and they can meet any request for equipment or visual tools that you may have. 


The best place for any event - New York Palace


The New York Palace conference centre is designed so that heavy items, even a car, can be taken up to the conference suite on the first floor via a lift which is capable of carrying up to 4 tonnes. 


The exclusive New York Palace is easily accessible and has its own supervised car park.

Asztalfoglalás a New York Café-ba

New York Café Étlap

New York Café Galéria


Sütemények a New York Kávéházban

Van úgy, hogy szorítunk helyet a desszertnek. Ha olyan étteremben eszünk, ahol biztosan tudjuk, hogy mindenből a legjobbat tálalják fel nekünk, néha azt érezzük: muszáj kevesebbet ennünk a főételekből, hogy még elmerülhessünk a desszertek fenségességében is. Garantáltan nem tévedünk abban az esetben, ha ezt a döntést a New York Kávéházban hozzuk meg. 

Elegáns rendezvényhelyszín Budapest

  Elegáns környezet, luxus kiszolgálás, kifogástalan szervezés   Az elegancia sosem lehet elavult vagy avitt. A kifogástalan szerevezés rengeteg nehézségnek állja útját és megalapozza a zökkenőmentes lebonyolítást. A luxus kiszolgálás pedig fontos ahhoz, hogy elégedetté váljunk, és azt érezzük, a legjobb helyen vagyunk a legjobb időben. Ezt pedig a New York Palota mind egyben garantálja, legyen szó baráti, családi, üzleti eseményről, esküvőről vagy akár konferenciáról, minden szempontból kifogástalan, elegáns rendezvényhelyszín Budapesten.

Sajtótájékoztató helyszínt keres Budapesten? Bemutatjuk a legjobbat!

Melyik a legjobb sajtótájékoztató helyszín Budapesten? A New York Palotában a Boscolo Budapest Hotel és a New York Kávéház mintegy 21 helyszínen, varázslatos környezetben várja Vendégeit! 

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