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New Year’s Eve event in Budapest - exclusive menu and a festive atmosphere in the New York Café

Bidding farewell to the year on New Year’s Eve is a special event for many reasons. Bid farewell to 2018 at an exclusive venue! Here is our program for New Year’s Eve, December 31, 2018, in The Most Beautiful Café in the World.


Bid farewell to 2018 at an exclusive venue, enjoy a special New Year’s Eve event: +36 1 8866 134 


Special New Year’s Eve event, New Year’s Eve dinner in Budapest

New Year’s Eve event in Budapest, at an exclusive venue

The New York Café is hosting its well-established and highly successful New Year’s Eve dinner in 2018 as well. On December 31, 2018, the Most Beautiful Café in the World is transforming again to welcome guests coming to enjoy an exclusive dinner and party till dawn at New Year.


The venue of this special event is the magnificent New York Palace in Erzsébet körút, in downtown Budapest - this will be an unforgettable event for all our guests.





With a touch of gastronomy - exclusive New Year’s Eve event with unique food creations by chef András Wolf

Food aficionados will surely enjoy the specialties at our New Year’s Eve event in Budapest. Take a seat at a nicely laid table in the New York Café, enjoy the festive atmosphere and the menu designed specifically for this event by our chef, András Wolf.


A new concept has been created in gastronomy by András Wolf. Explore “Essential Hungarian Cuisine” at our New Year’s Eve event. Enjoy the reinvented Hungarian dishes, quality ingredients from authentic sources, as well as the convivial atmosphere and the exclusive venue.


Our festive menu - you can enjoy this during our New Year’s Eve event in Budapest

On 31 December 2018, our chef, András Wolf, will prepare the following menu for our guests at the New Year’s Eve dinner in the Most Beautiful Café in the World.


Ghoose liver with orange and buckwheat
Onion cream soup with carp fish and caviar
Red tuna spagetti with cheese from „Vászoly ”manufactori and pistachio
Aged rib-eye steak with grilled carrot and creamy carrot pure served with mustared flavoured jus
Chocolate mousse with crunchy hazelnut and citrus preserve

EURO 130

With selection of Hungarian wines: EURO 195 






If you would prefer vegetarian menu, please inform us in advance.                                                                                                            




Fresh goat cheese, with cucumber and baby carrot
Vegetable consommé with poached quail egg and vegetables
Beetroot risotto with marinated baby beetroot, and horseradish foam
Noodles with forest mushrooms, pesto, and parmesan foam
Chocolate mousse with crunchy hazelnut and citrus preserve

EURO 130

With selection of Hungarian wines: EURO 195



Our prices are indicated in HUF and include VAT. A 15% service charge will be added to your bill.
The prices indicated in EURO are only normative, the invoice is issued in Hungarian Forints.
For table reservation, please call +36 1 8866 134 or send an email to eszter.bancsi@dahotels.com
Salon Restaurant: 31th December and 1st January: CLOSED






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