New Years Day - special offer and opening hours

Celebrate new years day with us! We wait our guests in New York Café with special menues and changed opening hours.

New Years Day - special offer and opening hours





New York Café: 9 am -12 am, Breakfast
12 am -12 pm: New Year’s Day menu, drinks a la carte.
Salon Restaurant: 1st and 2nd January: CLOSED









JANUARY 1, 2018



Pork paté with pickled onion and lentils – 4500 HUF    

Cold gooseliver with pear and anis flavoured apricot jam – 5800 HUF   

Rabbit pâté with mustard, capers flavoured potato vinegrette – 5200 HUF  

Spinach brũlée, soft egg, and sheep milk cheese – 4600 HUF 

Cabbage soup with fresh sourcream – 2800 HUF

Main courses:

Crispy pork ribs, potato salad with onions – 6800 HUF    

Lamb roast with rosemary and lentils – 6400 HUF     

Lentil pottage and smoked mangalica spare ribs – 6100 HUF    

Grilled trout filet with green bean risotto – 6800 HUF

New York Café dessert selection - A la carte
Wine selection: A la carte

Our prices include VAT and we charge a 15% service fee for food and beverages.

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András Wolf - New York Café

Fine dining enthusiasts have long known András Wolf, and he is recognised and respected by the professional community as well. He is the chef of the Salon Restaurant and the New York Café, and he is devoted to his work — and of course to his wonderful wife and two children. The general public may know him from a cooking show on television, where his professionalism, humility, sensitivity, sharp tongue and sense of humor is revealed. But what is he like as a chef who is responsible for two renowned restaurants in Budapest?

The Most Beautiful Café in the World

Everyone likes to start the morning with a good cup of coffee. Sipping that essential cup of morning coffee gives us the opportunity to collect our thoughts, get ourselves together and truly wake up. We usually like to drink our coffee the way we’re used to. Coffee is the embodiment of passion, thrill and style – some will even say it is a reflection of our personality. This is, of course, less supported by scientific evidence than by careful observation. From time to time, we do indeed choose a cup of blackness based on our current mood. As our moods are liable to change several times during a day, it doesn’t hurt to schedule the busiest part of our day in close proximity to an excellent coffee house. If we crave a special treat, why not do it in the most special of...

Postcard - New York Café

A lot of things go into a convincing time travel experience. Atmosphere, tastes, lights and music. These are the elements that make us believe, albeit temporarily, that we have left behind the world of incessant rush. In the New York Café, it is still possible today to be immersed in the bourgeois feel of the 19th and 20th centuries. To make the experience even more special, we can even send a postcard from our table to our loved ones. 

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