New Years Day - special offer and opening hours

Celebrate new years day with us! We wait our guests in New York Café with special menues.

New Years Day - special offer and opening hours














JANUARY 1, 2019



Pork paté with pickled onion, and lentils – 4.500 HUF

Foie Gras with pear and anis flavoured apricot jam – 5.800 HUF

Rabbit paté with mustard, capri flavoured potato vinegrette – 5.200 HUF

Spinach brulée, soft egg, and sheep cheese  – 4.600 HUF


Cabbage soup with fresh sour cream – 2.800 HUF

Main courses:  

Crispy pork ribs, potato salad with onion – 6.800 HUF

Lamb roast with rosemary and lentils – 6.400 HUF

Lentil pottage, smoked mangalica spare ribs  – 6.100 HUF

Grilled trout fillet with green bean risotto – 6.800 HUF


Our prices are indicated in HUF and include VAT. A 15% service charge will be added to your bill. 

The invoice is issued in Hungarian Forints.

For table reservation, please call +36 1 8866 134 or send an email  to Szatmári Brigitta,

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Wiener schnitzel, this extremely simple yet delicious dish is on the menu of almost every restaurant. It is easy to prepare at home, but if you want to have the real Wiener schnitzel, keep to the original recipe – you can only use veal, since if you use any other meat, is it not Wiener schnitzel anymore, but breaded cutlet.

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Beef goulash is the subject of many legends, but one thing is for sure: it is a real Hungarian specialty, a Hungaricum. The biggest misconception though, is about its origin. However, it has undoubtedly been popular for centuries, and it is as typically Hungarian as the famous dog breed, the Puli.

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Nowadays there are countless professional gatherings, but these can be very diverse. Even with two events of the same kind, their features always vary. If we only take the number of participants and the type of event into consideration, there are different conditions and different needs to meet.

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