Pictures of the patinated building of the New York Café, The New York Palace, and its food and drink specialities. Look at this gallery, and enjoy the feeling of the Café in your own house for a few seconds!

Pictures of our food specialities

Pictures of our food specialities

New York Café is not only reforming the Hungarian Gastronomy and establishes the so-called “Essential Hungarian Gastronomy“ but is also regarded as the leader among the creators of international gastronomical trends.

Pictures of the patinated building of New York Café, Budapest

Pictures of the patinated building of New York Café, Budapest

In Budapest, Hungary, The World's Most Beautiful Café takes place. Look at this gallery, and enjoy the feeling of the a Café! If you're in Budapest, you have to see this beauty!



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The Easter

Budding trees, warming sunshine, the air brings  the scent of revival. In this case. We are preparing  for not only closing  the winter, the warmer period and a garden tasks , but the most important and biggest Christian holiday, Easter. Since moving holiday, almost every  year falls on other dates. This year Good Friday will be a day off too  so from April 14 to April 17 we can give ourselfs to the holidays, to  spring and the four-day long weekend.

New York Palace the ideal place for any event

  Elegant surroundings, first-class service, impeccable organisation   True elegance never goes out of fashion. There are plenty of hurdles to overcome when organising an event but our impeccable event management team will ensure that yours runs smoothly. First-class service is important in order to make guests feel special and to give them an experience they will never forget. The New York Palace offers all three of these things – elegant surroundings, impeccable organisation and first-class service - and is the perfect choice for events with family and friends, business events, weddings and conferences. 

Elegant event venue in Budapest in the New York Palace

If you are looking for an elegant event center in the popular part of Budapest, the exclusive venues found in New York Palace are an excellent choice! We provide easy access, secure parking and an exclusive environment in the building operated by Boscolo Hotel where you can also find the Most Beautiful Coffee House in the World.

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