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The halls of the hotel, nestled inside New York Palace, are ideally suited to hosting a wide range of events and conferences. The halls vary in style, size and range of capacities – read on to find the one to suit you, or ask for our recommendation tailored to your needs by filling out our form.
Whether you’re planning to host a small business meeting or a large-scale conference, throw an elegant ball, or stage an exhibition, you’re sure to find your perfect venue in New York Palace.
Our elegant halls are ideally equipped to host any event or conference to cater to every need, including receptions and smorgasbord events, lectures, and exhibitions. Catering services are also available when required.
The building is easily accessible via Blaha Lujza tér; its underground, secure garage has room for 600 cars.

Ideal event venue in Budapest for large conferences, shows, and concerts

The large hall, situated on the first floor of the new wing, is ideal for hosting large-scale conferences, various types of exhibitions and concerts, fashion shows, and themed events. Its interior design and custom-made furniture render it unique on the market. Technical capacities: 3 built-in projectors and 3 screens.
The hall is unique; even though it’s on the first floor, it can even host car shows, as it’s adjacent to our freight lift, which is also useful when conveying furniture.
The suspended corridor in front of our Rome hall is perfect for coffee breaks when hosting conferences, or cocktail parties/smorgasbords when staging exhibitions.


Rome foyer
Italian elegance for every event - in Budapest

World class design, quality materials,  their accomplishments include the legendary, matchless Ferrari showroom – for the poetry-in-stone project that is the new wing of the New York Palace.
Its interior design solutions, 5-metre-high ceiling, and special shaping render it one of a kind amongst Budapest event venues, not least of all because our freight lifts are powerful enough to take multiple cars into, or to the front of the hall.
The circular suspended corridor on the second floor provides 240 square metres of space for large-scale events, such as hosting poster sections.


Venice, Prague
Halls adaptable at this event venue to suit every need

On either side of Rome hall, you’ll find a smaller room that can be made to open into Rome. They are Venice and Prague, which each comfortably hold an audience of 60, when seated in rows.
We recommend them for smaller scale meetings. The interior design solutions here match those of the adjacent Rome conference hall. Tech specs: built-in sound amplification, built-in projector and screen.


Vivaldi hall
State-of-the-art conference hall with a foyer

You’ll find Vivaldi, a hardwood-panelled hall, on the first floor of New York Palace. The air-conditioned room has plenty of natural light, and is a popular choice for meetings.


Tech specs: 2 projectors, 2 screens, built-in sound amplification, 1 microphone and flip chart, remote controllable lighting with 4 different settings, custom made furniture.


Its built-in tech solutions, together with its shutters ensure maximum comfort for every conference. Breaks can be spent in the foyer, where refreshments may also be served.


Smaller rooms

Our smaller rooms for more modest-scale events in Budapest and conferences


Puccini: a modern, air conditioned, wood-and-textile-clad conference room on the first floor of New York Palace. Does not have natural light.
Verdi: this conference room, also on the first floor of New York Palace, is Puccini’s twin. So their interiors and tech specs are identical.
Bellini: air conditioned, wooden-panelled, bright and sunny conference room on the first floor of New York Palace.

These rooms have the following tech specs: 1 projector, 1 screen, built-in sound amplification, 1 microphone and flip chart, remotely controllable lighting with 4 settings, custom made furniture.

Rossini hall
For large scale gala dinners and conferences

Rossini hall is our second largest event hall in the building.
It’s a modern, specially shaped hall in the historic wing; it holds around 150. As it receives plenty of natural light, it is especially well suited to hosting gala dinners, Christmas parties, conferences or their seated lunches.
Its own custom made buffet counter lends conferences’ coffee and lunch breaks an extra touch of class.

Monteverdi room

For large scale events in an elegant setting

These elegant, air-conditioned, textile-clad conference rooms are found on the ground floor of the New York palace; they have been an extremely popular choice for meetings and a variety of other events.

Monteverdi conference hall is directly adjacent to Donizetti functions hall; stylistically, the two are identical, but the former is both sunnier and more capacious, thus more suited to larger events.
Tech specs: 2 projectors, 2 screens, built-in sound amplification, 1 microphone and flip chart, remote controllable lighting with 4 different settings, custom made furniture.

A lavish venue that can host even a 300-strong crowd.

An especially intriguingly-arranged, covered reception area; also, with its marble-clad interiors, the most elegant ballroom of the hotel.

This exquisite space can hold 100-180 seated, and a maximum of 200 standing people. This impressive hall is suited to hosting a wide range of events.
When booked for an event, it can be partitioned off from the rest of the hotel with elegant wooden room dividers; customers may remain here until 22.00 every day.
When combined with the gallery on the first floor, it can even support elegant balls with as many as 300 guests.




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Nowadays there are countless professional gatherings, but these can be very diverse. Even with two events of the same kind, their features always vary. If we only take the number of participants and the type of event into consideration, there are different conditions and different needs to meet.

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