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Coffee specialities in New York Café - A coffee for every mood

Everyone likes to start the morning with a good cup of coffee. Sipping that essential cup of morning coffee gives us the opportunity to collect our thoughts, get ourselves together and truly wake up. We usually like to drink our coffee the way we’re used to. Coffee is the embodiment of passion, thrill and style – some will even say it is a reflection of our personality. This is, of course, less supported by scientific evidence than by careful observation. From time to time, we do indeed choose a cup of blackness based on our current mood. As our moods are liable to change several times during a day, it doesn’t hurt to schedule the busiest part of our day in close proximity to an excellent coffee house. If we crave a special treat, why not do it in the most special of environments: at the most beautiful café in the world!

The Most Beautiful Café in the World

The building of New York Café alone is a spectacle – luxurious and glamorous. But if we sit down for a cup of coffee, we may experience the special milieu in a more profound way and take in the carnival of colours, shapes and precious materials while treating ourselves to food and beverage delicacies. 

Coffee comes in many shapes and sizes these days, which is not any different in New York Café. And if we are up to it, we may as well take a moment to observe our mood, albeit for nothing more than an interesting experiment; believe no one but yourself.

Delicacies on the drinks menu

In New York Café, enthusiasts of condensed tastes can order an espresso, a double Italian espresso or a cappuccino with coffee and foamed milk. Aroma-lovers can try the vanilla cappuccino, while those who want to indulge in intense pleasure can taste the latte macchiato with layers of creamed milk, espresso and foamed milk, or even with added caramel for a kick.

Observations have shown that those who prefer espressos tend to be tough, perseverant and hard-working at their jobs, and they strive to achieve their goals as quickly as possible. Quirky hobbies are out of the questions but adrenalin-inducing sports are welcome. People who drink espressos also crave thrill.

Latte drinkers, on the other hand, try to be kind and open to everyone they meet. They may also be a bit quirky and prone to childish habits like collecting stuffed animals.

Experts dedicate a whole chapter to cappuccino drinkers: if this is your favourite type of coffee, you are likely to be open to the world and live your everyday life with a healthy dose of optimism. You also face your problems head on and avoid worrying about unnecessary issues.

Melange is a stronger version of the latte since it is a fifty-fifty mix of coffee and milk with foamed milk on top, although with a less intense taste than the cappuccino. However, added flavours can make it spicier and stronger; for example, guests of New York Café can now taste the chili-flavoured melange. 

If you like to take your time with a less strong cup of coffee, you can choose an americano, which is an espresso blended with hot water to let you enjoy a longer, weaker coffee. If you have a sweet tooth, the ice coffee with vanilla ice cream might be just the treat for you.

Experts, by the way say that people who prefer that type of coffee tend to be more patient. They are minimalists and look for simple solutions in every part of life and execute their tasks very efficiently.  They also tend to be good team players. 

What hasn’t been analysed

The experts who have made these analyses may not have seen, however, the extraterrestrial smile on the faces of our guests while drinking coffee.

New York Café also serves real curiosities that represent the creme de la creme even among speciality coffee – especially for those who don’t mind having their caffeine refreshment spiced up with a little alcohol: the Irish and the Hungarian coffee. If you choose the Irish coffee, you can enjoy the perfect blend of Jameson whiskey, brown sugar, espresso and whipped cream. The Hungarian coffee creates an intense, but harmonious taste with Tokaj dry szamorodni wine, honey and espresso, with chilli whipped cream on top making the whole composition even more unique.

You can also order cappuccino and latte macchiato a la New York: the same taste in a larger cup, allowing you to enjoy your beverage much longer among those historical walls.

Quality first

New York Café – staying true to its name and history – pays special attention to quality in every detail. The same is true for coffee: not only the range of coffees offered on the menu, but also the coffee used for making those refreshments is highly sophisticated. In Hungary, Dallmayr supplies its organic, via verde coffee beans exclusively to New York Café – it is made from noble arabica coffee with special, mild roasting. The Most Beautiful Coffee House in the World puts the raw materials in the best of hands: all coffee is made by qualified baristas, guaranteeing the highest level of care and expertise when brewing the refreshing blackness you ordered.

Whether or not you buy into the personality analyses based on coffee consumption and regardless of the mood you are in, we guarantee that you will enjoy the coffees made in New York Café.



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