A taste of sunshine in the New York Café

The New York Café introduces this year’s new spring-summer menu. This year the focus is on sun-ripened delicacies again, but meat lovers won’t be disappointed either. Chef András Wolf and his team present and serve these two together, combined in creative harmony. Fortunately, if you have a sweet tooth, you are in for a treat as well.

The New York Café's new spring-summer menu

Fresh vegetables, salads, herbs, sprouts, red and spring fruits - chef András Wolf has invented the most creative, easy-to-consume and tasty dishes from these spring/early summer ingredients.


If you are still in a winter mood as far as rich meals go, or you simply like these kinds of meat dishes, you will still find lamb, Mangalitsa, duck and foie gras on the menu, along with lighter meals like pike-perch fillet.


Side dishes, however, are already mostly colourful and light: young lettuce leaves, green peas, kohlrabi, kale and other vegetables that will bring you the taste of spring.


From our latest menu


Mangalitsa selection



Pink roasted duck breast with kohlrabi and peas




Pressed lamb with kale stew




Pike-perch fillet with paprika sauce and cottage cheese dumplings




Pistachio cake with raspberry mousse




Dulcey chocolate cake and forest fruit mousse




Foie gras with raspberry



What you will be served, is more than just delicious food: a real composition with a harmony of appearance, colours and flavours that only the most applauded chefs can invent.


As always, the New York Café is mindful of those who follow a gluten, lactose and sugar-free diet.


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